Oh No! Shopping again?

A new season has just begun and you, as usual, open your closet just to realize that a good part of your outfits are torn, old or, even worse, small for you. You might think that you have grown up or maybe it’s time to go to the gym, but in the meantime it’d be a good idea to renew your wardrobe. Here is where our adventure starts. I’ve heard comments that say that going shopping is a good way to release stress. Well, I doubt it since there is nothing more   stressful than going shopping.

In order to avoid any beefs, this is a personal opinion about the downsides of going shopping. It is not due to the lack of clothes for me; on the contrary, there are tons of clothes with different brand names and prices for my taste. My problem is that all this variety of prices and models makes my mind a bit blurry and it makes it difficult to take a decision

Going back to the topic, what really gets on my nerves is to spend priceless time of my life just in one store looking around, checking the tag prices and trying on all the candidates for my shopping car. This situation gets really worse when there are bargains and discounts and to get in the dressing rooms is practically impossible because they are too crowded. I get green with envy when some people get their clothes without trying them on first. They just pick up the clothes, skip the dressing rooms and go straight to the cashier to pay. I think that it’d be really great to have a life size dummy. I mean to have one with all your body measurements in any store to buy clothes more easily. It sounds crazy, doesn´t it?

I respect people who like going shopping either alone or in groups. It seems a very nice and enjoyable activity. But, in my case, I prefer to invest my time writing this post for those who suffer every time that going shopping is around the corner. I really feel sympathy for you guys. The only good thing is that once you get your clothes, the urge to go shopping won’t come back for a long and good time. Now it’s time to buy a new pair of shorts for this summer, bye!


Outfit (n): Clothes. Ex. I’m wearing a new outfit for the party.

Torn (adj): Damaged Ex. My jeans were torn after being walking through the jungle.

Renew (v): To replace something old with something new. Ex. You should renew your car every 5 years.

Wardrobe (n): Clothes Ex. She spend lots of money on renewing her wardrobe.

Beef (n): A complaint. Ex. I was so disappointed with the service that I presented my beef to the boss.

The downside of something (expression): The disadvantage of something. Ex. The language barrier is a big downside of living abroad.

Lack (n): Shortage Ex. The lack of food is the main cause death in South Africa.

Green with envy (expression): Be jealous Ex. The kid was green with envy when his only brother received the chocolate.

Life size dummy (n): A mannequin. Ex. Many car companies use life size dummies to experiment with their cars.

How often do you go shopping? How do you feel when you go shopping? Why?

Send us your comments, opinions and any kind of feedback to goesling.wordpress@gmail.com. You can either write us an email or send us a voice message.

Useful expressions when going shopping

When asking for help

  • Could you help me, please?
  • Excuse me, I’m looking for a/an

When paying

  • Do you take credit cards?
  • Do you offer a cash discount?

When asking for price

  • How much is this?
  • How much does this cost?

When trying on clothes

  • This is what I’m looking for.
  • It’s too long / short.
  • It’s too tight / loose.
  • It fits on me.
  • Do you have this in ___________(a different color/size)?

When Saying that the price is high

  • I can’t afford that.
  • That’s too much.

When  Bargaining

  • Could you give me a discount?
  • Could you reduce the price a little?
  • (Will/would) you take ___ dollars?
  • What about ___ dollars?
  • ¨XX dollars ¨ is my last offer. Take it or leave it.

When taking a decision

  • I’ll take this one, please.
  • I’ll take (one/five/a dozen) of these, please.

2 thoughts on “Oh No! Shopping again?

  1. Hi Alexia!
    How are you? I’ve just found out you had a blog! It´s a great idea =)

    Hope to see you soon!

    PS. I need to buy a pair of shorts, too.

  2. Hi Carla!! Thanks!!! I’m so glad that you like the blog. And please share the link with your friends and classmates. We’d really appreciate having more followers to interact with. And yes, I hope I can see you and the other girls soon. Jeannette is planning something, I guess hehe. Please, say hi to everyone at WSI.

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