The rich and the poor, men and women, Asian and European, we all get sick. No one can escape from getting sick and it’s pointless asking why. Even if you are a very clean person who follow a healthy diet and eat most of your food at home, one day you may end up with a stomach bug.

Nobody likes to be sick. So, it takes us time to face the ugly truth. However, our body can’t deny it and it’s, in fact, our body itself that  forces us to go to bed and remain inside it. Our brain doesn’t rule anymore, our body does. For example,  if it’s hot outside, but our body tells us that we are cold, we have to cover ourselves with our blankets.  Or if our family is eating the most delicious spaghetti with roast beef, but our stomach feels like chicken soup, that’s the only thing we are going to get.

It’s as if we suddenly had become a different person. We don’t feel ourselves anymore. We feel weak and we don’t want to do anything. Even our appearance changes, for example, we end up with a ghostly face or we lose weight to the point that our tight jeans become our baggy jeans.

Although we tend to think more about the downsides of being sick, there are some good things about having a fever or food poisoning. For example, you can get a little spoiled and people will be willing to do anything to cheer you up, like making you company or buying you a get well stuffed bear. Another positive aspect of being ill is that you don’t need to do anything around the house. On the contrary, the other members of your family are at your service bringing you your food, drinks, medicines and anything you need.

All in all, we have to admit that we are not machines and our bodies are prone to be attacked and beaten by ugly, tiny bugs, or maybe it is a signal that we just need a break from everything and our bodies just remind us so. So, if you get sick, be patient because you know it won’t last forever, and, in the meantime, enjoy the spoiling.


1. under the weather (ex) : slightly sick,  not as well as usual   EX: I’m going home early because I’m a bit under the weather

2. stomach bug (n) : a sickness caused by a virus or a bacteria and affects your stomach EX: I can’t eat anything heavy because I’m with a stomach bug.

3. feel like something (ex) : to want something    EX: I’m so hungry. I feel like pizza.

4. ghostly (adj) : looking like a ghost or a dead person   EX: You look so pale. Why the ghostly face?

5. tight (adj) : fitting closely to your body and sometimes uncomfortable  EX: These jeans are so tight that I can’t even breathe.

6. baggy (adj): hanging loosely because of being too big    EX: When I clean the house, I put on my baggy clothes because they are more comfortable.

7. food poisoning (n) : illness caused by poisonous or contaminated food    EX: Don’t go to that restaurant. Last time I was there I got food poisoning.

8. stuffed bear (n) : a toy in the shape of a bear, made of cloth and filled with a soft substance EX:  She has tons of stuffed bears on her bed.

9. prone (to sth/to do sth) (adj) : likely to suffer from something or to do something bad  EX: Children are prone to exaggerate when they tell stories.

When you get sick, do you go to the doctor? Why or why not? What’s the worst thing about being sick?  When was the last time you were sick?


A reflexive pronoun is a special kind of pronoun. It is usually used in special situations. Each personal pronoun has its own reflexive form.


Personal Pronoun

Reflexive Pronoun



You (singular)










You (plural)





Reflexive pronouns are used in three main situations.

  1. When the subject and object are the same.

I cut myself.
The gang call themselves “Street boys”.
He hurt himself.

  1. After a preposition when the subject and the object are the same.

I bought a chocolate for myself.
He did it by himself. (He did it alone.)
That woman is talking to herself.

  1. When you want to emphasize the subject.

Think for  yourself. (No one else will help you.)
They ate all the food themselves. (No one else had any.)


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