Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!  Ho! Ho! Ho! It is the most used expression during this month. Everything is covered with a festive mood. Houses are decorated with red, green, blue and yellow lights. We can hear Christmas carols even in cars. We can see these chubby guys dressed up like Santa everywhere even in gas stations. We can also see kids popping crackers everywhere.  At this time of the year lots of people forget their misunderstandings and try to spend time with their families. It is also a time where people get really stressed out trying to find a good gift for all their relatives and friends.

In this season big companies take advantage of naive customers and offer big discounts. What really calls my attention is the fact that they started with this ¨Christmas spirit¨ in October. Unbelievable, but funny. I still remember when I went to a supermarket and half of it was decorated with the orange and black colors of Halloween and the other half was with red and green decorations of Christmas.

Don’t take my words as if I didn’t like Christmas, but I think that the real spirit is not about offering discounts or the ultimate toys. It is a big chance to share and spend a great time with people you love either with turkey, pork or chicken. That’s why I love Christmas.

I admire people who can´t afford to buy any gifts, but as long as they are together, they are really strong and happy. Also I’d like to say that even though I don’t live in a neighborhood covered by a layer of white snow, with my Christmas tree shining is enough.

I want to extend these final lines for those who are reading this post, to share part of my spirit and wish you  Merry Christmas to all of you.

Christmas is not giving.  It is love and sharing.


Merry (adj): Happy Ex. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Festive mood: A nice and enjoyable state. Ex. During the village anniversary, you can see a festive mood everywhere.

Chubby (adj): Heavy set in a way that is cute. Ex. My best friend’s baby was so chubby that pinching her cheeks was mandatory.

Dress up (v): Wear a custom. Ex. On Halloween, kids dress up like zombies.

Pop (v): To explode, to blow up. Ex. Corn starts to pop with heat.

Cracker (n): Tiny fireworks. Ex: Chinese invented crackers.

Misunderstanding (n): Disagreement. Ex: The Beatles separated because of their misunderstandings.

Naive (adj): Innocent, that believes everything. Ex: My little niece is so naive that she thinks I have a treasure.

Ultimate (adj): The best  Ex. If I won the lottery, I’d buy the ultimate Ferrari.

Extend (v): To ample, to add. Ex. The new book edition extended their content with appendixes.

How do you celebrate Christmas? Do you get stressed out during this season? What’s the best gift you have ever received on Christmas? Why was it special?

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Uses of The Infinitive

*As the subject of a sentence:

     To forgive is not always easy.

     To wait for people drives me crazy.

*After certain verbs (forget, need, want, allow, teach, decide, etc)

I forgot to call my friend.

I can’t afford to buy a new car.

*After adjectives (glad, happy, pleased, relieved, sad, surprised, shocked, etc) to describe people’s feelings.

I’m pleased to meet you.

He was shocked to see his mother after so many years.

*After the structure  too + adjective:

Im  too old to work in a mine.

He is too short to play basketball.

*After the structure  adjective + enough:

He is not good enough to get that promotion.

My sister is rich enough to buy all those expensive clothes.

*After the verb to be as a complement

His last wish was to visit his old school.

One of my duties is to enter students’ data.

*To indicate the purpose or intention of an action

She went to Paris to study French.

I’m studying hard to get a better job.