My Halloween

In October lots of memories, colored in orange and black, are drawn in my mind and the first picture that comes to my mind is kids asking for candy and sweets from house to house and yelling in only one voice ¨trick or treat¨.  I still remember those days when all the places where decorated with skeletons, coffins, witches, skulls and pumpkins. My friends and I knocked our neighbors’ doors waiting to show our costumes, in my particular case my Zorro costume, and open our candy bags.


My friends and I would run everywhere and compete to get more of those precious treasures covered by chocolate or sugar.  Those Halloween days were playful and full of innocence. In fact, we didn’t know that trick or treat was an old ¨threat¨ used by people on Halloween. Years later I learnt the real meaning of that expression. It’s said that when children don’t receive candy from a person, they just play pranks at the person who doesn´t accept the treat. Nowadays all the little spidermen, supermen, zombies, etc, say trick or treat ignoring the real story behind the famous trick or treat phrase.

As for me, I don’t wear costumes anymore; instead, I prefer to celebrate Día de la Canción Criolla with friends. For those who are not familiar with this day, it is celebrated on October 31st in Peru. On this day, adults listen to Creole music, a kind a music that is played with acoustic guitars and a special wooden box. In this moment you might be wondering, ¨hey, isn’t it on Halloween day? ¨ I say yes, it is. As people from my generation were growing up, our perspective of customs changed and now we tend to be more familiar and involved with traditional celebrations to rescue our cultural values.

Vocabulary link

Colored (adj):  Painted.

Precious (adj): Very important, valuable.

Playful (adj): Funny, cheerful.

Prank (n): A trick used to make fun of someone.

Wonder (v): To ask yourself a question.

Grow up (v):  To mature, become adult.

Costume (n): Special clothes people wear on Halloween.

Custom (n): A tradition.




Did you celebrate Halloween as a child? If so, how did you celebrate it?

Do you celebrate it now?

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Did you know that we can make adjectives from nouns?

For example, wood is a noun. It’s a material used to make furniture.

We can say this box is made of wood (noun).

Or we can say, this is a wooden box. (adjective)

So, we took the noun wood and changed it into an adjective wooden

A few more examples:

I have a sweater made of wool. I have a woolen sweater.

The water has salt in it. It is salty water.

Today there was rain. Today was a rainy day.

They produce that show every week. It’s a weekly show.

Beer contains alcohol. Beer is an alcoholic drink.

And we can go on and on. So next time you don’t know the meaning of an adjective, see if it is formed with a word you know, and it will be easier for you to know its meaning.